Amir Hamz
Amir Hamz' focus at Bon Voyage Films is the acquisition, development and packaging of new stories and projects for realization with the partners involved. He studied Documentary Film Directing in London, as well as Political Science and Journalism in Hamburg, Germany. Between 2004 and 2010, he produced and directed a number of documentaries, music videos and short films - including several productions for German TV channels NDR, ZDF and Arte - while also working as Development Producer for various production companies in London, Hamburg and Berlin. From 2011 to 2014 he worked as Producer and Head of Development for Milbrook Pictures in Berlin and Zurich, and became one of the initiators of both the "SCHOLARtreat" scholarship programme for screenwriters, and the "Milbrook Writers Award" of the Hof International Film Festival. In 2015/2016, he produced DER NACHTMAHR with Christian Springer, and was also one of the delegate producers involved in the film adaptation of Martin Suter´s bestseller THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. In 2015, he added the Iranian-German production PARADISE to his list of achievements, that went on to win several awards at the 2015 film festival in Locarno and several other festivals.
Christian Springer
Christian Springer's career began in 1994, and has seen him involved in numerous successful films and mini-series for both cinema and TV, including Ruzowitzky´s THE COUNTERFEITERS the 2008 Academy Award winning Best Foreign Language Film, Grobler´s LESSONS OF A DREAM starring Daniel Brühl, as well as CHIKO and BLUTZBRÜDAZ (Blood Brothers) by director Özgür Yildirim. At renowned director Fatih Akin´s production companies Corazon International and Bombero International, he worked as Line Producer and Executive Producer on several award-winning films, among them the Akin-directed THE CUT, SOUL KITCHEN and THE EDGE OF HEAVEN. In addition to his role as Co-Producer of THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and Producer of DER NACHTMAHR, he also took on the duties of Line Producer for Christian Alvart´s cinema version of TATORT - TSCHILLER - OFF DUTY starring Til Schweiger in 2015, and was also involved in the BAD BANKS mini-series by Christian Schwochow in 2017.
Fahri Yardim
Fahri Yardim is one of Germany`s biggest movie stars, best known with German audiences for his role as Detective Chief Inspector Yalcin Gümer, since 2013 Til Schweiger's partner in the long-running, Hamburg-based, TV series TATORT (Crime Scene). Proving his talent in Özgür Yildirim´s cinema debut CHIKO, a huge hit at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2008, and ALMANYA, another Berlinale festival favourite in 2011, fans of Schweiger`s productions will also know him from RABBIT WITHOUT EARS and other German box office successes. With a wide range of roles to his credit, the 36-year-old defies any kind of stereotype, showing his versatility in numerous productions, from KEBAB CONNECTION (German Film Award 2004), the television drama MOGADISHU, joining Sir Ben Kingsley and Stellan Skargard in the international film adaptation of Noah Gordon´s bestseller THE PHYSICIAN, and in the German hit series JERKS alongside Christian Ulmen.